Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vertical Shell St Jacket

Well, I finally finished it. A good online friend sent me the pattern from Germany while attending school a couple of years ago. It's from a magazine called Diana.

There was one problem, all the patterns were written in German!! OK. at least the pattern that I was interested in had a diagram, so I kinda could figure it out from that. But I decided to put the idea aside for awhile.

I finally picked it back up, mainly because, while browsing thru different Ravelry forums, I ran across a member whose ID was 'HilaryinGermany'. I thought I'd just ask if she'd translate it for me, and she did (thanks, Hilary!!). Don't ask me why I didn't ask the friend who sent the magazine, maybe I just didn't want to be a bother.

Anyway, after reading Hilary's translation, I wasn't too sure about it, especially the sleeve instructions, so I came up my own version.

I decided to choose the color 'Linen' so it could go with alot of different Fall/Winter colors (besides, I had alot of it). The original pattern called for 3 different colors, changing each every row (Yeah!, like that was gonna happen!!). The 3 colors looked too busy to me, and my taste leans toward the simple, basic side.I'd planned to put a accent color as a trim anyway.

The pattern says that this is made in one piece, from one sleeve to the other. OK, that might work, but that means that you'd have to work decreases in the opposite direction. HUH?.....we can forget about that idea.....

I just made 2 identical pieces, then just sew the pieces together at the back.
Hey! I already started both sleeves anyway, so I went with it.

I made the sides (front and back) a little longer, and planned to add side pockets (just gotta thing about jackets and coats having pockets), as well as buttons on the front too.

The next tricky part was figuring out the back collar/scarf. The pattern wasn't too clear, but I did figure it out (Personally, I think the scarf width is too wide, but it's have to do.....the brother ain't taken it out now!!)

So, onward I went.....what do you think? Click link to pattern site.