Saturday, March 26, 2011

National Crochet Month...Part Two

OK, so National Crochet Month is just about over. What did you do this year?

Well, even though I pretty much written it off for previous years of lack of/no interest in my community, I did do a couple things:

I was invited to speak at a crochet friend's beginniner crochet class's last day of their Winter session.

I dropped of a stack of old copies of some knitting patterns to one of my former classes (the senior center that's closes to me and has more knitters than any of my other older classes). An of course, I got roped into helping a couple of students, even their new crochet instructor needed help understanding a couple patterns.

A another friend, who owns the only crochet-friendly LYS in the city

(Jane's Yarn Shoppe 1707 E.Passyunk Ave Phila, PA 215-438-8181)

asked me to teach one of her favorite longtime senior customers how to make a Entrelac Afghan. She doesn't get out much, so my friend picks her up on Saturdays, and they spend the day together, then takes her home. She's a nice, funny lady, so I don't mind (plus, she promise to bring me something homemade to eat...YUM!!!)

All in all, this year it wasn't so bad.