Tuesday, April 09, 2013


  Yeah, Spring is finally here. When you can finally open and leave your windows open the get some fresh air. Although, I must say, the Winter wasn't bad. Sure we had low temperatures, but at least we didn't have lots of snow.

  So, now that Spring is here, I'm going to try to be outdoors more. I don't crochet as much as I used to, and with the weather getting warmer, I don't have as much interest either.

  I want just to finish off some of the things I started, like a hat and scarf, so I just put it away in the closet with all the other things I've made so far. I don't want to repeat the same trend I did years before, storing all my crochet things away in a closet.

  I think I might try selling my things online again.  When I first tried it, I didn't do so well, and with my limited income, I couldn't afford to keep paying monthly fees without any sales. The other problem was that I would get requests for a item in a different color or size, not the one I'm trying to sell. Some people would say, "You should be glad to get orders!". Well, they're not the ones who has to do the work, are they? ;-)

  Crochet is something I 'like' to do, not to feel 'required' to do. I was never in it just for the money. Maybe, if I was more 'business' minded, I'd feel differently, but that's just not me. I'm glad I'm at a point in my life that I know, all be it very small, there's a community of like-minded people here in the city that appreciate and acknowledge my work. Never wanted to make a lot of money and/or be famous.

  I will say that since going on the Internet, I've gotten some notice, but I really enjoy meeting and talking with new friends, sharing ideas and interests. Especially with other male crocheters!!

  See, I don't have have any friends like that here...I've never met another 'openly' male crocheter here, with one exception. There was a senior in his 70's, at another community center that heard about me teaching crochet, and was dying to meet me. You see, he had never met another male crocheter, especially another African-American one.  Spending time with him, listening and learning different things (even if I already knew them), talking about his crochet history, was a treat.  He passed away some months later, but before he did, (he probably sensed it), he gave me a lot of patterns, and hooks/needles. I was honored that he did get to meet me, and we shared a crochet 'brotherhood', amongst a sea of females.

  When the weather gets warmer, some crocheter prefer to work with lighter, thinner yarns/threads. Not me. There are  a few things you won't catch me doing in crochet....doilies, dolls, baby clothes (OK, maybe a 4-ply blanket), as well as certain techniques: Hairpin and Broomstick Lace, working with any type of specialty yarns, like Fun Fur and ribbon (too 'girlie' for me!), and working with a long afghan/double-ended hook.

  Hey! A guy needs to draw the line somewhere, right?