Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's great to be appreiciated!!

I was really surprised the other day when I stopped in on a senior citizen center crochet class hosted by twin sisters(Grace & Yvonne)that were former students of mine.

Some time ago, after I left teaching there, the twins (who were among my more advanced students), decided that with so many people still there, and no 'one' person could help, especially the beginner students, that they decided to give help to a much smaller class on a different day.

They started in a small room in the first floor of the newly adjacent senior apartment building, then eventually found a space and time (on Wednesdays) in the same senior center.

One day, I happened to stop in the regular class(on Thursdays) to see what the everybody was working on since returning from the summer break. While chatting, one of the twins (Yvonne) asked if I could help her understand how to read diagrams.

Naturally, I said sure. So I suggested stopping in on the Wednesday class, being they were less people.

So, when I showed up, I noticed that she had some copies made dealing with understand stitch diagrams, hoping to teach her students, once I explained it to her.

Well, I realized that she seemed a little flustered with getting things organized, as well as dealing with helping some of the students, especially a couple of beginners.

So, I kinda took the bull by the horns, and began teaching the class as a whole.
Normally, I would of waited at least till one or both would of asked for my help, but they seemed to be overwhelmed.

The sisters were relieved and grateful, so much so, that together, they gave a nice stypen to show their appreciation.

I was glad to help out, didn't expect to get anything, but when I think about it,

that just the thing they would do.