Monday, October 24, 2011

I Think I Would of Lost my Mind

When my family moved me out of my apt, the women in my family (3 sister-in-laws and my sister) took all my crochet items and all my yarn to sort it all out. OK, I'll admit I have accumilated alot of both over the years, and to the everyday person who doesn't crochet, it would seem to be too much.

So, one of my sister-in-laws decided to sell everything at her church's upcoming FLEA MARKET!!! Well, being stuck in wheelchair, with no access to getting there (I think my sister, took charge of it all, didn't want me there), so I little choice in the matter, but I did have a say about keeping my unfinished projects!!)

Now, after they got the first dibs on anything there they wanted (my call), they went on to 'sell' everything else.

What they really did was practically 'give' my stuff away. They just treated my work like it belonged in a flea market!!! Selling thing at 3/4 it's worth, just to 'get rid' of it. They have little sense of the value and quality of my work,well, except for something THEY want!

But to be there at wach it all unfold, I would of lost my mind!!!!

Years of all my work, reduced to 'flea market' prices, and couldn't do anything about it.

I don't like flea markets!!I I't not the forum to sell handmade work.

Oh well,its done now, butI learned a couple of things...not to make so many things, try to sell them right away, just make things for myself, and most importantly,


Had a Nice Little Crochet Day

Well, after another 2 weeks back in the hospital, I'm currently in a rehab center (with mostly seniors, but it's not so bad.....won't be long before I'm one too!) Been here for about 3 weeks, but will have to leave soon due to my insurance. My family moved me out of my old apt (yeah, it was about time, been there for 30 years), because it wasn't safe for me since I'm in a wheelchair. But they haven't found a small apartment for me yet, in the meantime, I'll be staying with my oldest brother in his apt. So, while this is going on, back in the rehab, I have to daily morning physical therapy (lower body strengthning), and, daily occupational therapy (upper body strengthning) in the afternoon. Plus, I have to go to a hospital for my daily hyberbaric oxygen therapy. All things considered, it's not so bad. Well yesterday, because I mentioned that I crochet, and one of therapist does as well, I earlier had asked the therapist to bring some yarn so I could show her a new stitch (the diagonal shell stitch). As I was working along, other people showed interest, including my personal therapist, who knew how to crochet, but hadn't done it in awhile, and promised to bring in her hooks tomorrow. She also decided my crocheting will be apart of my therapy, to strengthen my fingers and for my hand/eye coorination. But my real joy of the day was when 2 of my local crochet friends, Karen Thompson, from Hooksations, and her friend/student Marva.I hadn't seen them since the summer so it nice to see them, even though they put me to work!!(Yeah, they know know that I don't mind. I was especially nice because they wanted to learn the same stitch as the therapist! They talked about their trip to the latest crochet convention, met a few crochet celebs, but generally had a good time. So, as they were leaving, they swore me to let them know where I'll end up living,and keep in touch. With friends like these, I definitely will.