Monday, May 17, 2010

Starting a Men Who Crochet Group Here...

I just heard that one of my online male crochet friends from California is planning to move here in Philly.

It'll be great to see another openly male crocheter here. I've always felt like I'm the only one for most of my crochet life. I hid what I did for so many years, only to feel a bit awk

I'm sure there many male 'knitters', but we 'crocheters' tend to be of a different mindset, even with women.

I always wondered what it would be like to know other male crocheters. It wasn't until the Internet, where I began to meet other guys, from different parts of the country, different age groups,races,nationalities, etc...

I was especially glad when I met Peter Franzi online, and that he started the Men Who Crochet Yahoo Group.I began to feel a lot better (and safer) about being more public about crocheting.

Still,it would of been nice to share it with other guys in person.

I mean, being around all women is OK, to a point! ;-)

OK, so I'm calling out to any and all guys who crochet (and to any women who knows a male crocheter), and want to get together, hang out, maybe a small bar or a restaurant, just to get together and share ideas, and our thoughts, maybe once every 2 weeks or a month..

Sound like a plan? OK now, don't leave me hangin!!