Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crochet Every Way Wrap


Size: Approx 19” X 60”

Materials: 24-28 ozs any medium worsted weight yarn ‘J’ hook Yarn Needle Stitch Markers

Gauge: 3 V-sts + 3rows= 2”

Abbreviations: ch-chain sp-space sc-single crochet dc-double crochet
Beg V-st-(ch3, dc in the same sp) V-st-(dc, ch1, dc) in the ch1-sp

Note: You can adjust the width/length to your desired size by adding/deleting the beginning chs (in a multiple of 3), and by shortening/lengthen rows

Row 1: Ch 79, dc in the 4th ch from the hook, (skip 2ch, V-st in the next ch) across to the last ch (25 V-sts)
Row 2: Beg V-st, V-st in each V-st across, turn

Repeat row 2 until wrap measures 60”, or desired length, do not end off
Measure along the long sides of the wrap,approx 8” from the last row, mark for buttonhole place for the Back, and also approx 12” from the opposite lower side, from the 1st row for the Front

Note: Adjust the markers, depending on your size and preference

Rnd 1: Ch1, sc evenly around, working 3sc in each corner, join
Rnd 2: Ch1, sc across to 1st marker, *sc in the next 2sc, turn, ch4, skip 4sc, sl st in the next sc, turn, work 5sc around the ch4-sp*, sc around to next marker (working 3sc at each corner); repeat from * to *, sc around, join, end off