Thursday, November 26, 2009

Philadelphia Male Crocheters?

Are there any male crocheters in Philly?

I've lived here all my life, and only met one male, who was a senior citizen originally from Texas. And he too, was surprised to have met another male crocheter.

I did see one young guy on the subway, tucked in a corner seat, working on a fashion doll dress, looking very nervous. I came up to him, asked if he was working in sc or dc, just to put him at ease, but he still was too nervous to talk, so I left him alone.

Whenever I go to our local Knit-Out, I might see one guy there, usually someone's young son,dragging around with their mom. Normally, I'm the only guy there (except maybe for the janitor)!!;- )

And you can forget seeing them at our LYS, (well, we only have one 1 crochet friendly LYS). I might see a male knitter (OK, that's a different group altogether...a subject for later!) ;-)

If it weren't for the Internet, I don't think I'd ever would of met another male crocheter.

I'm sure there others out there, maybe they were like me years ago, pretty much kept to themselves, doing it privately, still dealing with the public stigma attached to it.

It's frustrating sometimes being in a room full of just women, having them (unintentionally, of course), talk down to you, and treat you as one of the 'girls'.

So, where are you guys??