Friday, February 27, 2009

Some People Got Nerve!!

Maybe it's me.

I seem to have this bad habit of whenever I see something online or a email that I think other people might like, I pass it along (I call it 'sharing').

Well, the other day I saw a baby hat online pattern that I thought some people might like. I'm not into baby stuff, but I know a few ladies who are.

So, after sending the pattern, I got a response from a old crochet friend ( who, by the way, I never hear from till I send her a email), who thanked me for the pattern, and then went on to say that she liked my website, particularly a 'Jeff' cap I designed, and requested me to 'send' her the pattern.

What's up with that!!

What does she think my website is? A 'free' online service? There's a clear difference between a free online patterns and purchased ones.

But because she knows me, she automatically thinks I'll 'give' her the pattern (then won't hear from her till the next time she wants something)..

Well, I tried to be nice, so I didn't respond.

After a week or so, she replied "Since you have not answered me I guess if I want that” JEFF” pattern I will have to pay for it."

Well DUH!!!

Like I said, maybe it's me!!