Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scalloped Sweater Set

I've been wanting to make this for many years. I saw this in a old 74' issue of Woman's Day magazine (yes, I was crocheting when the issue came out!). It was part of a series called 'The Warm, Wonderful World of Sweaters'.

There was a men's striped sweater set I liked, started to make it, but thought all the colors (I was using different shades of blue, my favorite, of course)would make it too busy. Also, the fact that the entire thing was to be done in the (sc, ch1) seed stitch didn't help either.

Back to the woman's set......the ripple slipover is what really drew my attention. The cardigan was a V-neck made in plain dc.

One problem was that the slipover looked too small, and the different sizes depended on using different size hooks. Well, I tend to crochet tight, so that threw out that logic out the window, and the other thing was that they wanted you to change colors on every row...

UH, WHAT?.....Hell, I didn't like it thing THAT much!!LOL

So, I just put it on the back,(WAY, WAY, BACK!!)burner, forgeting all about it.

For some reason don't know why, I saw the pattern while looking for something else, and thought, hmmm, I'll give it another stab at it.

I did make a couple changes (put the 'KEN' spin on it!), and did my version of the matching cardigan (in one piece from the neck down!!The pattern will be available soon on Lulu.

The only sewing was the shoulder seams, how cool is that!!

So, what do you think?