Monday, October 19, 2009

Cable Comfort

I recently purchased this book called 'Range of Fashion'from Amazon for the cover sweater:

I couldn't see all of it, due to the way the model was posing, but I was intrigued by the way the cable was made. It reminded me of a Lion Brand knitted pattern that I first saw in a fashion runway photo online.

Oh, by the way, the patterns are made by another 'male' crocheter, George Shaheen.

Well, I received it, and after getting over the fact the book only has 5 patterns for $15!!!!, (one is OK, but the other 3...not for me!) :-)

Got to see the whole sweater.....not bad!

So, after reviewing how the cable strip was made, I decided to make a smaller version, just to see. I decided to try it in a one color bag, then, another version as a hat, with 2 shades of gray(left over yarn),(wasn't too sure about this one, but, what the heck, right?)