Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Finally Sold Something!!

I stopped in my old crochet class at the nearest senior center, to help the current instructor with a vest pattern that several students are making I did several years ago.

I also decided to bring a sweater/jacket for a plus size woman I designed to try it on (don't have a plus size mannequin).

Actually, it was a few months ago, when I stopped in the same class, and brought something else for one of the ladies to try. Usually, I make wearables to fit my women's large size mannequin. But one of the ladies smirked under her breath (but loud enough for me to hear), that "he don't make anything for us plus size women!!"

So I decided to shut her up!!

I saw a pattern that had sizes ranging from XS-3X that looked promising, but it was made with pieces that are sewn together.I wanted to make it differently, with less sewing.

So, when I brought it to the class, that same student was there, and I asked her to try it on.

SHE LOVED IT!!! And she wanted to buy it!!

So, I called her at home the next day to confirm the sale and asked if we could meet at either a different place, or a different day from the regular crochet class, so that we can do the transaction in private. She agreed.

So, we met on a designated day, and quietly did the transaction.

Funny thing though,she's also making the famous 'vest' too, and asked me to help her with it.

I was there for 2 hours!!