Friday, May 06, 2011

Crochet Designing for Men?

Recently, I was reading a discussion (more a comment), on the Ravelry group,'Professional Crochet Designers',about one's stance on crochet designing for's my take on the topic

I think it's a'cute' idea from time to time, but not really that practical.

For years (40), I've searched for men's crochet patterns, only to be dissapointed. The only patterns I've seen that I like are from Europe.

They tend to be more detailed, use thinner yarns (exception: bulky sweaters/jackets), but aren't as accessible here in the US. Here, we tend to use thicker yarns and larger hooks.

Although there's been a increase in men crocheting, women are still the majority that will buy yarn and crochet.

And if they're not that interested in both spending the time and money, let alone really find out if men actually will wear it, well, what's a designer to do.

More often, most male crocheters crochet for comfort than for style. If were different, not only would we see a lot more men's crochet wear patterns, but more people would actually make them.

I don't ever forsee that happening. Most crocheters tend to want something 'quick, cheap and easy'.

Remember, I said 'most' know who you are!! ;-)

Even if you come from the point of having patterns that are more detailed, use thinner yarns, with smaller hooks (which I've only seen in European patterns), it's just too time consuming and costly for the general public.

Remember, I said 'general public', not you personally, so don't go into 'defense mode, OK? ;-)

It's just 'eye candy' to most to show and talk about it, but not actually do it.

The best we can hope for, is continuing making crochet accessories for men, with a occasional sweater or vest here or there, just to keep women happy to have something they can make for us 'guys', so we don't feel left out.