Thursday, March 26, 2009

National Crochet is Almost Over...

Like each year, whenever the National Crochet Month rolls around, I try to see if there's anyone else is interested in doing something, but as always....nothing!!

Most people either never heard of it, and couldn't care less!! I get those strange looks, "What the hell are you talking about??"

Maybe it's me.

Well, I tried to do my small part. I visited a couple of my old classes, and the only crochet friendly LYS in town (Jane's Yarn), to donate photocopies of instructional papers as well as some actual patterns(they loved that!!)

Offered to help some students with their projects, brought in sample swatches, demonstrated different stitch techniques, and brought in some of my own projects.

I enjoyed doing it. Guess it's the 'teacher' in me.

I also tried to encouraged the students to promote crochet(and knitting) to other people and invite them to come and learn....we'll see what happens ;-)