Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Crochet 'Not-So-Warm-Coat'

I had been reading on a Ravelry group (Crochet Wearables)about if there was a crochet version of the famous knitted 'Einstein Coat' by Sally Melville's book, 'The Knitting Experience-The Knit Stitch'.

Some of the ladies were talking about all the possible stitch variations, including doing it in Afghan(Tunisian)standard stitch (boy, that'll take some time, I tell you!!!) ;-)

But no one mentioned about actually making it!! Shocked, huh? :-0

Well, I decided to sit down and try it.

I wasn't too crazy about getting the book for just that one pattern, but when I looked at it in the bookstore, I decided to get it. It's well written and very informative, even with me really not being a 'knitter'. ;-)

I also saw that there was a 'lighter weight' version (without a collar) called a 'Not-So-Warm-Coat. I didn't want to use bulky yarn for the first time trying it out, so I looked at that pattern, and just added a collar.

I wanted to try to follow some of the same principals as in the book, mainly the modular direction of how the coat was designed. It reminds me of the book 'Modular Crochet' by Judith Copeland.

So, here goes....tell me what you think.
Pattern available at my Etsy & Ravelry Stores

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shawls & Stoles

Here's a few of my Shawls and Stoles:

Patterns are available for some at my Etsy & Ravelry stores

Great gift for Mother's Day!