Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Late last night, while I was browsing on my netbook, I IM  one of my longtime online fellow crochet friends. Sometime earlier, I had asked her about ever using Skype, and she said no, because she didn't have a webcam. That's true for most of my online friends, but she is the most computer savy. The other friends don't seem to be that interested (at least not with me).

  So, while my friend and I were talking about all sorts of crochet stuff, she suddenly asked if I try Skype together this time. I said, "great, OK"

 Well, I couldn't see her, but we could talk with each other like a regular phone call (well, not that regular, we talked for about 3 hrs!) And it was really nice to finally hear her voice, live. I think I've known her for over 10 yrs, and we never met.

  It also felt great to finally feel more free to talk about our crazy experiences, as well as, talking about crochet!

  The other thing I liked, was we could still send photos and links to each other (currently, while still using Windows 7, I've separated Skype from Windows Messenger, knowing that I'll no choice by March 1, I believe, when Microsoft will discontinue Windows Live).

  Even though we talked for a long time, it was time well spent.