Sunday, September 14, 2008

Philadelphia Area Knit Out and Crochet Event

Well we just had our Annual Knit Out here, and I had a good time.

Although it was an abbreviated version, at least we had a gathering space.

Times being what they are, we may not find ourselves flush with gifts and goodies, as in past years. But like all other Philadelphia Area Knit Out & Crochet Events, we can come together for an afternoon of fun, sharing, creative inspiration and camaraderie.

So, if you bing your latest project in progress to work on,
· your friend(s),
· some extra yarn and accessories to share and swap,
· and your enthusiasm and willingness to share your expertise and skill with others.

We should all have a great time together.

As a teacher,it always feels nice to help and share to eager minds what I know.

Of course, you'll get some who only reason there is to see what they can get for free, but for the most part, a good amount were there to learn and share.