Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crochet Dad!!

I recently met Gene (aka Crochet Dad)from California here in Philly the other day. He and his wife were here to their youngest daughter's graduation from Drexel University.

We met up at a local Starbucks, and one of the first things that struck me was he greeted me with a great big hug....not your standard handshake... that was nice!!

He treated me to a cup of coffee, while I sat and talked with him and his wife, daughter and her boyfriend.

It was both nice and strange at the same time. Nice, because I rarely get to see and talk with another male crocheter, strange, because I've only done that online.

I once met a senior male crocheter(Ed) at a local senior center that wanted to meet me when he heard of me thru a mutual craft friend. She talked about me and he was so excited to hear of another male crocheter( a Black one too!!), that he asked me to come to his center.

So, whenever I came by, he'd always have something for me to see. after awhile I realized that in his funny way, he was 'testing me'. So, sometimes, I'd act as if I didn't know something, just so he could 'teach' me.

He was originaly from Texas, were he learned to crochet as a kid.

He was also glad to meet someone who understood crochet on the same level. Most of the ladies didn't, and he would get frustrated with them, so he figured it would just be better to flirt with them (hee, hee!!)

He since passed. But before he did, he gave me dozens of old patterns and a complete set of knitting needles (he was a knitter as well.

So, it was really nice to meet another male crocheter in person, especially one that gives'hugs'!!