Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I decided to go see the movie '42' today. normally, I don't go out to the theatres like I used to, mainly because, since I don't drive, and they're fewer ones in the city.  Besides, the prices are ridiculous!!

  So, I can only walk but so far due to my diabetes, so I went to the closest one to me.

  MAN! I must be getting old! Now, I know we have to pay for a better quality, clean, comfortable service, so I learned a valuable lesson: STARVE!

I( was able to get a senior discount for my ticket (would of been cheaper the day before!), but, like a dummy, I decided to get the 'trio'.....a hot dog (that was cold), a medium drink, and a medium popcorn.

Guess how much? $14!!!

$14??? that's twice as much as the dammed ticket!

OK, OK... I have to  let that go, I mean, it's all to see Jackie Robinson, right? Got's to support my 'peeps', right?  They better make another Black themed film if they want to see me again! ;-)

  Sure, I could of waited to see it on DVD down the line, but I wanted to do my small part in encouraging filmmakers to make more 'quality' African-American movies. And the best sign is at the box office.

 Now, I know there's a lot people who could care less about it, but sitting there in the movie, watching a story about a young 'brother', and with the way the world was back then (heard stories from my parents and older relatives, and having some of the same experiences myself, I can empathized with his life.

Many, many times I had to just 'suck it up, and move on!!!