Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last week, when I stopped by one of my old crochet classes that's near where I live, helping out the current insructor and a couple of her students on a vest pattern I had given to the class a few years ago.

Although I was only there for a short time, I promised to come back next week to continue to help.

So, today, I went, but this time, I dedcided to bring one of my sweater jackets I had made, hoping there would be a student there that was large enough to wear it so I could see it on a female body instead of the wall mannequin I have at home. Just a concept I wanted to try.

Also, it was made with a similar construction as the vest (worked from the shoulders down). It was just another example of working a pattern in a different direction.

Well, everybody ooh'd & aah'd, then here comes the next question...


That's always the next thing they say!!

As if I'm automatically supposed to supply them with a FREE pattern?

I told them it was something I just made up, so, they want me to write it out(and they still want it for free!!) :-0

Well, it'll be a long time before they see that pattern!! ;-)

I shouldn't be too surprised, it happens here online too!!! People try to dress it up by asking to 'share' a pattern (never exchanging with anything,and if they do, then's it's something free that got you can't get that yourself? like, DUN!)

They also think that by telling you some sad, violin playing, soap opera tale, that's about 2 paragraphs long, you'll take pity on them.

Come on people!!! That get's a little old, don't you think?

OK, don't get me wrong, I like free patterns too, but I know the difference between what's a 'free' pattern and one that someone paid for. So, if anything, I prefer to ask where they got the pattern, and if I can still get it, I'll at least try.

OK, OK, maybe it's just me.......I'll just have to remember not to bring anything with out a copy of the pattern....

They'll never change!!!...... :-(