Friday, January 02, 2009

Why use Red Heart Yarn?

I use Red Heart Super Saver for almost everything I make.
People always asked why don't I use 'better' yarn....well, here's a couple of reasons:

1: With as much stuff I want to make, it's just cheaper.
2: I make mostly women's items, usually just hats & scarves for guys.
3: Although I get compliments on my work, nobody's buying them, so why spend extra money when people only look at my pictures?
4: When designing, it makes sense to use a more 'durable' yarn.

When I first started crocheting, all I thought about was improving my technique. As a young teenager in college in the middle of nowhere, yarn was scarce. Besides, all I saw was Red Heart at Woolworth's (OK, I'm dating myself!!)

So, when I came home, I did go to this yarn store called Clivden's, where they had a large variety of different yarns, but they where mainly out of my price range.

I did try, from time to time, to use some better yarn (like when I made that ripple gown), but that was a special occasion. For the most part, I mainly crocheted just for my personal enjoyment.

I still had conflicting issues with me being a 'guy' crocheting, so there were times I just didn't bother with at all.

But, when I decided to teach years later, I found that most of my students used Red Heart. They were mainly senior citizens, on fixed incomes(like me!!), and mainly crocheted for the comfort it gave.

So, I figured that, for those who were interested improving their crochet skills, they could still use the same type of yarn.

Now, I'm at a point in my life, that I don't care what type yarn I use. It's more important on how well you crochet, not what yarn you use!!