Friday, January 02, 2009

Why use Red Heart Yarn?

I use Red Heart Super Saver for almost everything I make.
People always asked why don't I use 'better' yarn....well, here's a couple of reasons:

1: With as much stuff I want to make, it's just cheaper.
2: I make mostly women's items, usually just hats & scarves for guys.
3: Although I get compliments on my work, nobody's buying them, so why spend extra money when people only look at my pictures?
4: When designing, it makes sense to use a more 'durable' yarn.

When I first started crocheting, all I thought about was improving my technique. As a young teenager in college in the middle of nowhere, yarn was scarce. Besides, all I saw was Red Heart at Woolworth's (OK, I'm dating myself!!)

So, when I came home, I did go to this yarn store called Clivden's, where they had a large variety of different yarns, but they where mainly out of my price range.

I did try, from time to time, to use some better yarn (like when I made that ripple gown), but that was a special occasion. For the most part, I mainly crocheted just for my personal enjoyment.

I still had conflicting issues with me being a 'guy' crocheting, so there were times I just didn't bother with at all.

But, when I decided to teach years later, I found that most of my students used Red Heart. They were mainly senior citizens, on fixed incomes(like me!!), and mainly crocheted for the comfort it gave.

So, I figured that, for those who were interested improving their crochet skills, they could still use the same type of yarn.

Now, I'm at a point in my life, that I don't care what type yarn I use. It's more important on how well you crochet, not what yarn you use!!


Candy said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I use Red Heart too, mainly because of availability, cost, value, and durability. There's nothing wrong with using that brand yarn, and you've given excellent reasons for using it.

Blaze LaFlame said...

oh, I agree. I use a lot of Red Heart especially for kids'stuff. Why make an afghan out of alpaca when you know the new mom will not use it because it's too "special". Make it out of Red Heart and it does last forever. I made one for my unfortunately late nephew. That afghan lasted well over 30 years.

Tricoteusenoire said...

I also agree with you. I use Red Heart pretty much for everything. Although, I ocassionally use the "better" yarns, Red Heart is always my first choice because of availability, color richness and economy. It was the first yarn I used to knit my first real sweater (which is about 15 years old and canary yellow). It also allows me to experiment without the angst. I also agree, that it is not the yarn one chooses to use, but rather that skill that it takes to make a nice, well executed garment. Just a thought.

Vicki Suan said...

You go,guy! We don't need an excuse to use Red Heart (the old reliable yarn). Besides, Coats and Clark is constantly doing improvements. Have you noticed that it's getting softer? or is it just me? They're also branching out into the Moda Dea brand, with more wool content (but also a little bit pricey). BTW, I noticed a new Aran beret in your slideshow (the cream and brown ones). When will the patterns be available?-lol!

homemade said...

Ken, your work is so beautiful that I can't tell what kind of yarn you're using.

I've just recently joined a group of ladies who knit and crochet and some of them buy VERY expensive yarn and look down their noses at Red Heart.

And a lot of them seem to like wool and wool blends, which I absolutely do NOT like.

While I do like other yarns (especially soft ones like Caron Simply Soft and TLC Amore) I only buy what I can afford.

Anything that's more than $2 a skein is out of my price range. Period.

So rock on with your Red Heart. In your hands, it's like spun gold! :l)

Ria said...

You go! I can't stand "yarn snobs" I do use some pricier yarns - but honestly sometimes you need to wash your items and red heart makes that much much easier. And the color range is great, it's readily available at michaels and ac moore near me.

Anonymous said...

How many lousy designs are there where they show them made in pricey (and sometimes impractical) "better" yarns ... lots.

I'd much rather see great designs like yours, perhaps made in "lesser" yarns.

By using yarns like Red Heart (tough to get here in B.C. Canada btw) you show that creating lovely items need not be expensive.

The best thing I ever crocheted was a ripple blanket made out of Safeway grocery store cotton. It's 30 years old and looks like new.

You go, Crochet Guy!


MarcieD said...

My dad taught me how to crochet at the tender age of 4 years old. I use to use Red Heart but do not like the harshness of the yarn now BUT if Red Heart makes a soft yarn I would love to try it. Since I don't get out much to "feel" different yarns, I am relying on the internet for most of my yarn purchases. Any help here would be appreciated.