Thursday, December 01, 2011


OK, now let's talk about my crocheting. First, I haven't stopped, nor do I ever plan to stop crocheting.It's been my lifelong passion. It's just a part of me. But, I just want to do less, mainly for health reason. Spending too much time sitting isn't good for me in this stage of my life. It got me through some hard physical and mental times, but now I need to be more active.I might go back to some teaching in the future.

Mainly, it means I'm not taking any orders. I had decided that long before I was injured, so the decision isn't based on after I was hurt. Gotten to the point in my life were I just want to do the things I want to do, whenever I feel up to it (but not as much). It's never been a "I gotta make that money thing!" for me. I just enjoy what I do. It's not a visual advertisement for orders.

But I can relate to how other's may feel about it. They're just looking at it differently, from a 'business' point of view. That may be fine for some crocheters, it's just not me. Now, don't get me wrong, if someone wants to buy anything I've made, that's fine. but to sit and make duplicate copies of the same thing isn't for me.
Crocheting for me is a 'hobby', not a 'job'! If so, I wouldn't have a problem sitting here, day after day, night after night, crocheting, if my income depended on it (I know someone were it does). It's daunting task, but you do what you have to do!!

So, I decided, I'll first work with just the yarn that wasn't sold, and the unfinished projects I asked to save. Mobility has been a problem for me, since I don't drive, so in the past, whenever I got the chance and the funds, I'd stock up on lots of yarn, even though I may not have any immediate plans, having a variety of yarns, gives me a variety of choices. I'm not a 'one project at a time' kinda guy!

Relatives and friends say they would pick up yarn for me, but that suggestion doesn't work for me. I need to see and feel the yarn I want. And having some people who, although well meaning and with the best intentions,of course, don't have a clue about my craft, and/or aren't a 'creative' type person, make decisions for me. Plus, things are easier said than done (although well meaning and with the best intentions,of course!!) ;-) You usually have to wait until it's convenient for them to either pick it up or deliver it to you (most times, they'll just wait until you come by their house to give it to you) ...although well meaning and with the best intentions,of course!! ;-)


I finally got the word that I'm all healed up. OK, I might not be able to walk as I did before (some physical therapy might help), but,all in all, I'm OK.

Now, just need to get some diabetic shoes (they're not as bad as they used to be (ugly ass 'Earth' shoes!). , and I'll be hitting the streets looking for a small apt.

Living here with my oldest brother isn't bad, but I've lived by myself at my last apt for 30 yrs. Just used to living on my own.

And to think, I had one doctor tell me my feet were close to be amputated!!

BTW, I've gotten some responsives regarding my last blog. First, let me assure everyone that my frustration was mainly from not having any say in the matter, due to me being hospitalized and in a wheelchair. Making decisions by phone is not the same as being 'hands on'.I hadn't expected for all my work to sold in one day, but even though, as they say, "well, it's done now", it just 'stings' a little.

Second, I'm very appreciative of my family stepping to help me. It's just I'm very indfependent, and to have the rug kinda pulled out from me, and having peopole come into my place, move me out, without being there and having little time to make the best decisions, and having one brother tell me, " Yeah, and we thru out a lot of stuff, A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF!!".

It's been 3 months since my accident, a month in the hospital, a month in rehab, and a month living here, and I having seen anything from my apt. It's scattered around different family's homes and in one brother's storage unit. Having most of my days having been driven back and forth to the Hyperbaric Center, meeting with several nurses for home care, and going to doctor's appts, while being in a wheelchair, haven't much time to do anything of my own.

So, finally, things will start to change. Feels good to know you have some independence back. My goal is to have a place before Winter, if possible.