Friday, April 17, 2009

A Student's Work

Got a nice surprise today.

One of my former senior citizen students (Rose) from a Senior apartment building I taught at sent a couple of photos of a afghan & bedspread she just had finished.

One was from a pattern I gave her, the other was just something she made up. I call her my 'Afghan Lady'. That seems to be the thing she enjoys making the most. Don't really need a pattern, I can just make up a diagram, suggest some colors, and off she goes!!

I'm no longer teach there, but stop by from time to time (it was my first official class 10 yrs ago), so some of the members are like family (the ones you really want to be around!!) ;-)

I's so rare that I get photos from my students, so I really wanted to share.

Monday, April 13, 2009

In a 'Poncho' Mood

Funny thing.

A former crochet student who now, along with her twin sister, teaches some beginners on their own time (and a different day), asked me about some poncho patterns.

Seems she wanted to make one for a good friend or relative (don't remember which), so I brought in some from one of those Jack Frost Gypsy Vest Accessory Books (Volumes 77 & 78) From that old website.

I remembered making some of these a few years back (don't remembered why, was just the thing everyone was making at the time,I guess.)

Anyways, I decided to make the same one as her choice, then, after she and a couple ladies were browsing thru some old pictures of my work, saw a variation of another type poncho I made (from the same old 'Groovy Patterns' book, I decided to make another one.

Well, here's some pics of both ponchos: