Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I decided to go see the movie '42' today. normally, I don't go out to the theatres like I used to, mainly because, since I don't drive, and they're fewer ones in the city.  Besides, the prices are ridiculous!!

  So, I can only walk but so far due to my diabetes, so I went to the closest one to me.

  MAN! I must be getting old! Now, I know we have to pay for a better quality, clean, comfortable service, so I learned a valuable lesson: STARVE!

I( was able to get a senior discount for my ticket (would of been cheaper the day before!), but, like a dummy, I decided to get the 'trio'.....a hot dog (that was cold), a medium drink, and a medium popcorn.

Guess how much? $14!!!

$14??? that's twice as much as the dammed ticket!

OK, OK... I have to  let that go, I mean, it's all to see Jackie Robinson, right? Got's to support my 'peeps', right?  They better make another Black themed film if they want to see me again! ;-)

  Sure, I could of waited to see it on DVD down the line, but I wanted to do my small part in encouraging filmmakers to make more 'quality' African-American movies. And the best sign is at the box office.

 Now, I know there's a lot people who could care less about it, but sitting there in the movie, watching a story about a young 'brother', and with the way the world was back then (heard stories from my parents and older relatives, and having some of the same experiences myself, I can empathized with his life.

Many, many times I had to just 'suck it up, and move on!!!


Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

Well, Ken, I must say "42" is on my ALL-TIME favorite list! I was invited by my girlfriend to see the premier private viewing with a local church group in the Elk Grove, CA area. We were greeted by the "ministers" (male and female) who recited a couple of verses and gave a bit of background on Jackie. We both LOVE baseball and knew we wanted to see the movie. What I didn't expect was just how moving and entrenched in history the story was - it ran the gambit with my emotions. Enjoyed it so much, will breakout a few $$ when it comes out on DVD.

I'm sorry you are not crocheting much anymore. I just, today, purchased your "Men's cotton Jeff cap", to hook for my son's upcoming birthday. I'm only at "22 stitches" so far, but can't wait for the finished product! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and pattern!

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

Hi Wendy,

What the movie brought to me was it reminds us older folks, and enlightened younger ones that hard work and perseverance, pays off in the long run. One main thread running thru the movie was tha rationalization of 'keeping cool'.The other, was having the faith and knowledge that somebody's 'got your back', when push come to shove (and baby, he was 'pushed').
We all need to be reminded of what life was like before, to appreciate the life we have now.

With regards to not crocheting that much as I did before, it's a good thing for me, because I have less excuse to be more physically active. Thanks for puchasing my pattern, and I'd love to see a photo when you finsih, OK? ;-)

Take care,