Friday, February 27, 2009

Some People Got Nerve!!

Maybe it's me.

I seem to have this bad habit of whenever I see something online or a email that I think other people might like, I pass it along (I call it 'sharing').

Well, the other day I saw a baby hat online pattern that I thought some people might like. I'm not into baby stuff, but I know a few ladies who are.

So, after sending the pattern, I got a response from a old crochet friend ( who, by the way, I never hear from till I send her a email), who thanked me for the pattern, and then went on to say that she liked my website, particularly a 'Jeff' cap I designed, and requested me to 'send' her the pattern.

What's up with that!!

What does she think my website is? A 'free' online service? There's a clear difference between a free online patterns and purchased ones.

But because she knows me, she automatically thinks I'll 'give' her the pattern (then won't hear from her till the next time she wants something)..

Well, I tried to be nice, so I didn't respond.

After a week or so, she replied "Since you have not answered me I guess if I want that” JEFF” pattern I will have to pay for it."

Well DUH!!!

Like I said, maybe it's me!!


Shelle Cain said...

Ken, I get that quite often, too. Sometimes they ask nicely, and others just down and out 'tell' me to send it to them. I politely say "The pattern is available in my Etsy shop. I'm glad you like my designs!"
In all fairness, I don't think some people realize the amount of work that goes into designing and writing patterns. Also, this is my job - it's how I make my living. I wouldn't go in someone else's business and ask for, or demand 'free' stuff!
There's my 2 cents worth. lol :D
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

That's a shame! I'm not online with my things yet, but I have the same issues. "Oh, I LOVE that, how did you make it?" Or, "Would you write down the pattern for me?" I used to fall for it, feeling some weird obligation. Not any more--I just tell people I'd be happy to make the item for them (at whatever $$)or they can buy the pattern for $$. Have I lost any friends doing this? Well, I figure if they're really a friend, they wouldn't try to take advantage. I think we're all lucky when designers DO put some freebies online. And, while I'm here, thanks, Ken, for all you share!

For Stitches Sake said...

No, It's definitly not you, man.
"people got nerve" and it's so true, they don't realize that this is your bread and butter.In all fairness, if you were a dentist,
they probably would still try to get a hook up. That's the nature of the beast and as a result cause for us to change.
Today I had my first male crochet student and it was a blast. I told him about you and your site, so hopefully you will be selling some of your patterns. Your stuff is hip and its now.Sooo, lose some gain two. Keep up the good stuff.

Karen said...

What wrong with people???!!! Is the question I've been asking myself for a long time. It's not you, Ken.

Candy said...

It's not you, Ken. There are people today who feel that everything they see online should be free - I don't get where that comes from at all....
I haven't designed anything yet, but I've gotten those questions too from people who have seen my completed items online. I've been asked to scan and send patterns to people before, and I just politely tell them where the pattern came from and leave it at that.
So, it's definitely not you. There will always be people like that, so don't let it get you down.

gloria said...

Hi Ken,
Stopped to check out your blog.

Ken the thing that erks me is the fact that she would put you in the position of having to either say no or avoid her in the first place.

We like to think that people have common sense and consideration.

So Ken tell me do you continue to ignore her? R U soured now about ever sending forwarding something you find online that you think someone may like due to this one rotten apple...?

Ken unfortunately we live in a world that contains a large majority of people who suffer with the disease I like to call ME..ism!

I off now to browse the rest of your blog.

gloria hooking and cooking in boston.

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

Thanks Guys,

No, this hasn't deterred me from doing what I've been doing. I just need to take her off my address book.

You win some, you lose some!! ;-)

Peter Franzi said...

Ken: You already know how I feel about such requests. The unmitigated chuzpah of some folks to assume anything is theirs for the asking. Like you, I simply do not respond. I cannot guarantee thay my internal censor will always be in working order. "Illegitimi non carborundum!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, Hey Shelle, wow that is a good response, Shelle. "The Pattern is available in my Etsy Shop, I am glad you like my designs!! :D"
Ken do not feel bad or shocked when people online especially get the nerve to ask for something for free.. I get that too, and the fact that you got upset about it clearly shows you are a much nicer person than I must be because I would have probably just said something like, 'hooray I am glad you like it, here's how to order, and then give the link to the ordering section of your etsy? )... and I too think, that people just don't stop and think how long it takes an artist to make the complete composition.

When I had my salon in Utah, my friends would stop by and ask for a free set. Yes, thats right. And I remember one customer I was working on, when she overheard the "gimme a set gratis" comment, she said, " do you go into Sears or Macy's and ask for a free pair of jeans? Because that is the audacity I am hearing" hahah.. so there is my take on it.. hugs, Jill in WA

silverhooker said...

oh Ken, you are so sweet. I am the writer who wrote up your website for my (client paid for ) blogs. So here I am a daily nose to the grindstone writer and all someone has to hear is Writer and they all Generously offer to have me write their amazing life stories! For free, like it is a blessing for me.
Others tell me what to read to "enlarge my life experiences" or something as ditsy. (I have an MA and research til I am cross eyed daily)
No, Ken, Nerve is stronger than brains. One date even suggested that I read his ideas of the most terrific story tellers -- although he has never shown th slightest interest in any of my published *stories* Where can I throw that rock?
You are a fiber artist for money; you are incredibly generous to use your precious time to hand out patterns at all!
I am hooked now. I can't wait to finish my writing chores to grab up my Hook. Have a funtabulous day In phila. Johanna

Sheila said...

I so Agree - I hate when friends try to take advantage. She should darn well know that you put a lot of hard work into your creations.

If everytime someone asked for something free... we all would be proverty stricken.... the nerve of her!!!

phreec said...

hi, Ken!
i'm responding as a crocheter greedy for free patterns, lol...
i am so sorry that people like that make the rest of us look bad!!
i HATE hearing that people either make the assumption that a pattern IS free, or assume that their association with a designer (however close or remote) entitles them to a pattern gratis, even though the designer is SELLING that pattern!! BAD MANNERS!! any time i inquire about a pattern for something i see and want to make, my question to the designer is always "is your pattern available for free, or is it available for sale somewhere?" i am not a designer, but having had to alter patterns to accomodate my skills or physical capabilities (never for sale; i'm not -that- good, lol), i really appreciate the time and effort put in to creating a pattern; i admire that skill very much! and not only designing it, but writing it out so that someone else can make the item; that takes a lot of thought and time, trial and error.
so, RASPBERRIES to your acquaintance and others who behave that way. and applause to you for standing ground!
~christi :)
virginia beach

Jen said...

Yeah, I've learned to be wary of people too. I posted a picture of a large crochet toy I made on Craftster once, got a big response and "When are you going to post a pattern?" questions. I never really wrote one out, but I did take notes on most parts, and offered to at least help anyone who was trying to make one ON THEIR OWN by answering questions on how to do any SPECIFIC PARTS they might need help with. So what do I get? Personal messages: YES! SEND ME ALL YOUR NOTES!