Friday, February 13, 2009

National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month.

Anyone have any plans? I asked this question last year, and most people had never heard about it. I guess it's not so much of thing anymore.

Here, in Philly, the only thing I ever hear about is the annual Knit Out in September. And that's starting to thin out. They're hanging by a thread lately (no pun intended).

Seems as though everybody's just staying in and just working on their own, sneaking out just to get yarn.

Was just in a Michael's the other day, and you could hear a pin drop in the yarn section.

Maybe it's the weather.....that must be it! ;-0

Hopefully, as Spring arrives, more people will get out of the house, and interact more.

We'll see;-)


otia said...

We're starting a crochet and knitting group next week. We're a wheelchair community with different abilities. I'd like to know if there any other clubs or groups we can associate with.


Vicki Suan said...

Nothing going on in the Sacramento area either, except for Stitches West on Feb 27-Mar 2 (in Santa Clara). I'll probably highlight crochet on my blog for the whole month of March, maybe some freebie patterns or pics of finished crochet work. Even with this economy, we can't let crochet die.

Dee said...

I had no idea that March was crochet month.....glad I have an excuse to crochet more!

For Stitches Sake said...

Whenever March comes along, I challenge myself to do 1 project a day.
Seriously, each day I pull out a pattern & the supplies and go for it.
Here in VA I have also noticed some
pretty quiet stores. Things are slow.
I am focusing more on teaching and getting samples done for classes, cause my items have not gotten any bites eitheir.

Candy said...

Nothing special going on here. My plan is to get organized and try to finish something! I did get a jump start on National Crochet Month though when I was in Hobby Lobby last week - bought up lots of clearance yarn and a new book! Now to find the time to crochet...

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

Well, one of plans is to gather a bunch of old copies of patterns I collected over the the years to donate to some of my old senior citizen crochet classes.