Wednesday, March 04, 2009

National Crochet Month-2

OK, I just came from a beginner knit & crochet class which branched
off from one of my regular old crochet class (that's on Thursdays). I dropped
off a bunch of old knitting (and some crochet ) papers and leaflets,
mainly to one of my old student teachers for the class.

Plan to go tomorrow and bring more.

Hopefully, I'll bring some each each this month.

I figured since I'm no longer teaching, I'll pass along all the papers I've collected over the years.

One person's junk is another's.......!!


For Stitches Sake said...

Hey there,
I am in va, and Ive been teaching on and off for 12 yrs. I am encountering a few frustrations but still do it, for many reasons.
If you dont mind me asking, why have you stopped? You seem to be on your A game with your stuff, I think I would probably love a teacher like you.
If you dont mind me askin, wuz zup??? :)

Chiliz345 said...

CrochetGuy. . . so glad I found your site! Your work is beautiful- I hope to someday be on your level. I am going to link you on my own craft blog, hope you don't minnd!

Luna said...

Congratulations...! You are awesome ...just like " Crochet Dad " I can't belive you guys can crochet better than some of us.Beautiful ...for me that's very good.Good job.I love your Proyect just like Crochet Dad too.I will be one of your followers in your Blog.You are invited to have a short trip to mine too, Welcome aboard !


Sheila said...

That is such a sweet thing to do share your wisdom with others.