Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Modular Cardi-Wrap

Just finished Doris Chan's 'Modular Cardi-Wrap' from the L.A. booklet#4269- 'A Style for You'.

Made a couple of her patterns, and I really liked this one.

But I did make a few changes.The pattern called for using Caron's 'Simply soft Heathers', but I just used RH SS 'Aspen Print'(thinner than most RH SS), and Dark Sage for the sleeves. I wanted to try it in 2 colors instead of just one.

She used a stitch pattern called 'herringbone hdc' on the front loop for both the back and sleeves. I tried it in a sample swatch, but didn't care for it, so I just did the back in plain dc and worked the sleeves(separately than what the pattern called for) in the diagonal box stitch. I did the front sections with the same ripple stitch pattern as per the pattern.


Sheila said...

Totally beautiful.

homemade said...

This is beautiful!

And I love the way you detail how you change the patterns.

I'm still working on that. lol

Lia said...

I like the patterns and colours too.