Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Have a Life!!

Recently I was talking several ladies about something on the Internet, then one, who has a computer, but rarely uses it, says:

" I can't be bothered with all the computer stuff, I have a life!!"

I've heard several ladies say that, but it's funny how, if they need something, they're quick to ask you to find and get it for them.

Reminds me of people that always ask (even tell) me to crochet something for them, even ones that can crochet themselves. They usually try to butter me up with high praises before they go in for the kill!!!

People must think that, since I either crochet or be on the computer a lot, I have the time and will do whatever they want. Like I don't have anything else to do, and they're giving me something to do.

And they wonder why I get pissed!! HELLO!!!

Most times, I just don't say anything. I mean, what would be the point. If you tend to think in terms about people that they're "only as good as they're good for"....then they just won't get it.

I just smile, grit my teeth, and push it out of my mind.

But.....if they bring it up again....LOOK OUT!!


Weez said...

I know what you mean. The thing that really bothers me is when they want YOU to do something THEY could learn how to do if they'd just quit watching stupid stuff on television, gossiping on the phone, shopping for stuff they don't need, etc.
You can't even offer to teach them...they say "I can't do it" before they even give it a try!

Vicki Suan said...

you go, Ken! When this happens to me, I tell them I charge for my services. I think of a very high price, then triple it, and give it to them. Usually, it ends all discussions. There are some who will complain. Handmade, baby, handmade. My work is worth it.

Blaze LaFlame said...

Loved it! It's so true, I know you didn't get any extra time in your days and neither did I;)
I do as another poster stated, figure out a high price. So far, no takers. That's because people figure if it's your hobby and you like it, you'll do it for nothing....

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

The ones that get me are the ones who ask you a lot of questions, then say they can't be bothered....then, why the hell did you ask!!@!

I sometimes head them of at the pass by saying after the first question, "I don't come cheap!!" and "I want my money up front, in full"

Get's them every time ;-)

gnarlyis3 said...

It used to torque me off but now I seriously consider the request with respect to when I will have time available (eg. I've got 3 Christening dress projects that will take me into the New Year that need to be done first) then I give then a gross estimate of the cost with the explanation that it could vary widely from that based upon details like materials and changes to the pattern. Or I sometimes will tell them what I will accept in exchange for my work. I am honest about the exchange - I will do it if they agree but I make it something that is worth my while and it usually demonstrates how much time and effort I'm putting in for my side of the bargain.
If I just don't want to do it I tend to say something like "I just don't even sell custom work as it isn't cost-effective. No-one really wants to pay the true cost for a hand-crafted item made with quality materials when it takes as long to create as things like this." I've never had anyone argue the point and I've stopped feeling resentful about their comments. (Ohm...Ohm...Ohm... yes... approaching zen-state....!)