Friday, November 06, 2009

Shell Stitch Crazy!!

Just finished a few hats and some scarves as gifts for the upcoming holidays, and I'm about 'shelled' out!!! :-0


Karen said...

Those are so cute....great job!

mio said...

Beautiful! I especially love the purple set.

Crochet Princess Beth said...

Beautiful work! Did you design the shell stitch keyhole scarf and hat too? Your work is awesome!

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...


Yeah, I made up the scarves too!

amanda said...

I love the brimmed hat and scarf! I would love to make one for myself...would you be wiling to share the pattern with me?
about your more recent post...both my husband and brother-in-law both know how to crochet. they don't do it very often anymore but they do know how.

Yarn it Creations Lady said...

wow I love the hat with brim as well! Your work is so great. Are you sharing the pattern?