Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Stitch Twins

Just met the 2 lovely ladies (Monica, in the denim jacket, Erica, in the white jacket, with the 'bouncy hair!)recently at a short stop here in Philadelphia on their way to NYC. They're very talented ladies!

I found them to be very open,friendly,funny and down to earth.I had a good time, along with a fellow crocheter, Karen Thompson, of 'Hooksations', talking about all things crochet!!

We shared some background stories and photos, and found out that we all had a lot things in common.

The only problem was there wasn't enough time!

I'm glad they autographed their book. 'Double Stitch:Designs for the Crochet Fashionista'

Hope they have continued success in all their endeavors!!

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Sheila said...

That was an awesome meet. They are great designers.