Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What to Crochet!!

It won't be long before Spring is here, and I'm trying to figure out what to make.

Don't know what's the latest trend that ladies would like, and you can forget about making anything for guys!(given up on that idea!)

Being a 4-ply kinda guy, the things most people want to make for the Spring/Summer are usually made with some kind of sport or fingering (UGH!) yarn.

I think I'll just do what I normally do, just make things ahead of time for the Fall/Winter.


coffycrochet said...

Hi! I find that simple lacy shrugs are always in demand by ladies no matter what the yarn ply and of course slouchy hats are always in demand...

theyarnproject said...

Planning ahead for fall and winter, in my opinion, is a WONDERFUL idea!

AuĂ° said...

I make whatever pops into my head, no matter what the season. Honestly, since 4 people I know have just had babies, I'm getting sick and tired of baby blankets and lapghans.
My new love is super bulky yarn - I've just made a couple of ear flap hats (they make up quick...about 2 or 3 hours!), even though spring is coming.
I'm starting to get interested more in cozies - not just regular tea cozies, but cup cozies, even mail box cozies...totally irreverent things I can make, just for the fun of it.
I'm working on a tapestry crochet handbag for a friend's granddaughter...and I have an unfinished pair of socks hanging around somewhere...lol!
There's so much variety in crochet that it's almost infinite...it really surprises me when I can manage to pick from all the tempting choices! :)