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Well, I finally finish a sweater jacket I've wanted to make for myself from a frogged woman's coat I made a couple years ago that was too long The pattern measurements were incorrect, and I should of known better!). I adapted it from a old newspaper'paper' pattern I've had for a couple decades.

The original is a ridged shawl collared,4 button men's jacket than fits over the hips with a buckle belt. Has fitted sleeves with buttoned cuffs and patch pockets. Made with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn (most all their crochet patterns use worsted weight yarn, mainly that old Columbia Minivera or New Brunswick or Germantown). The stitch pattern was a alternate of (sc, sl st) across, working in reverse on the next row, with a 'K' hook.

What I decided to do was using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver, of course), with a 'Grid St' pattern (sc, dc), work the 2 Fronts and Back into one Body section, worked in inside vertical pockets, make the Body a little shorter. Everything else is pretty much like the rest of the pattern, except I don't have buttoned cuffs or a buckle belt.

It's basically a traditional men's jacket, the kind you might expect a older guy would wear. I thought by changing the length, the pockets, and leaving out the cuffs and belt, might appeal to someone younger.

I was talking on the phone with a good fellow crochet friend for over a hour that I ran into the other day, and we got to talking creatively about ways to make a men's Kangol-style Cap in crochet. I finally came up with a very easy version, made a few ones, now all I need is to take photos to put with the written pattern.

I started another sweater jacket, but not using a pattern. I'm making it in Michaels 'Loops & Threads'-"Charisma" yarns, in both Dk Blue & Lakeside (Variegated), with 'K' hook. Mainly worked with a row of sc, then a row of dc. Made in one Body section (less sewing), with horizontal inside pockets (patch pockets tend to stretch, and if not sewn right, can make the garment look less professional). Just going to make fuller sleeves and a regular type of Collar, with a buttoned down front. I would love to line it with some fleece.

Now, if I only had my camera!!!.....;-(

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Christina said...


I would be interested in a "Kangol-style" cap pattern for a baby/toddler boy. I am new at crocheting and knitting would like to make one.
Also, I enjoy the heck out of your music selection while at work :)

Take care,