Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, I've come to accept that idea over the past few years Yeah, I know , it might sound cynical to some people, but let's get real can't be all sweetness and roses. Sometimes it's cold, harsh, bitter and just plain f*cked up!!
I stopped by one of my old crochet classes I used to teach at last week, where I hadn't been there since about May. I officially stopped teaching there as a volunteer several years before, but occasionally, would stop in from time to time, mainly, of the 5 other places I taught, it had the most students, and was the easiest to get to.
But for some time, i began to feel less wanted, more tolerated there. I'm always the only male at this and other similar places, and sometimes felt like a oddball, so, I decided to back away.
So, when I arrive, they're were only a handful of people there before the holidays, but they were all glad to see me. Here's the thing.....
All the time i was gone, not one person ever tried to call. Yeah, they all said they wondered what happen to me since they hadn't seen or heard from me in a while. Even one student said there were times when 'thought' about calling....but never did.
Now you know, if anyone needed my help with something, they always find a way to contact me.
But I guess it comes down to a matter ofconvenience . As long as you're worth something, and you make yourself available, then it's OK. but it you don't, you're just a thought.
"If you don't make the effort, the effort won't get made!"
It irritates me whenever I run into people who say 'I've been meaning to call you", take down your number or email address each time, and never call or write. Like the ones who want you to call, write, or visit them, but they never do. It's just a matter of convenience.
So, one student asked for my number, I told it's the same number I've always had, each and every time she asked for it. She looked back at me like I lost my mind!!
I've decided to call people on their phonyness. What have I got to loose, right?
If you say you're gonna call, then CALL!! Don't ask for my address, and don't write or visit. If you don't have anything to say, just keep it short....I won't be offended if I know it's honest.
It's like being lied to directly to your face. Feeling like you have to say something, isn't worth it to me.
I've learned not to ask for a number or address if I'm not going to use it. but will accept it if offered.
Never been much of a visiting /calling person, I tend to talk too loud and stay too long, and find people need to make excuses to cut the visit or call short. So, from my end, the few and far calls/visits in between, the easier it is on everyone.
Also, I will not give a gift to someone unless it's directly in their hands. Common courtesies, like a 'thank you' response aren't what they use to be....nowadays , unless you're directly in front of the person, you might ever get a thank you, if, or until, the next time they happen to see or hear from you....again, it's just a matter of convenience ...!


Makkie said...

Hi Ken,
this is realy nice, a man crocheting!

maura said...

I know how you feel.

maura said...

I forgot to say, I love the slide show of your art. you are very talented.