Friday, February 01, 2013

Making Something New vs. Learning Something New in Crochet

  I want to take a moment and comment on a trend I've been noticing lately. A lot of crocheters seem to just want to 'make' something, as oppose to actually 'learning something. As a crochet instructor, I'm always get asked some of the most basic things in a pattern, only to get asked the same things in another pattern.

  People, what do you think all those books on stitches and techniques are for? To make you look like you know what you're doing? Now, don't get me wrong, I can understand some things that the average crocheter may not run across in a pattern, but sometimes one has to be realilstic about one's skill level!!

  Just you see something you like, doesn't mean you have the skills to do it. And, you should expect the pattern to help you.

  My point is if we as crocheters need and want people to respect us for out craft, then we need to step up with our skills (yes, that means more than knowing how to make things like sc, dc, etc)

Let's not get lazy....we have so many resources to get information than ever before.

But here's the key thing, the best way to learn is by repetition, and/or by teaching someone else. Respect is earned, and if you want to do the more challenging stuff, you have to do your homework, and be prepared. The pattern was not intended to teach you how follow it, your behind should either already know how, and/or, take/check old notes, ask someone, looking it up.

It seems nowadays, people just go from one pattern to the next, never taking the time to take notes, or, concentrate on specific new things they found in the pattern, like a different stitch they've never done before, or, learning a new or different abbreviation and technique.

What you find in one pattern, can help you down the line in a future pattern, that may have something similar in it.

 Now with regard to video, I don't think it's a bad thing. Some stitches and stitch patterns are hard to visualize (hey, trust me, I'm 'old school, I didn't have the luxury of seeing how a new stitch/pattern was made, and being able to review it over, and over again). I also didn't have anyone around to ask for help to learning at a experience level......and being a Black guy in a Black neighborhood, didn't help much either....but I digress.

  Well, that's my 2 cents on the matter.

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