Thursday, June 30, 2011


I think I need to go back in the 'closet'...the 'crochet closet'...that is!!

After years of trying to open up and share my love for crocheting with others, I realized that it might be better to just go back to just enjoying it by myself, and only deal with people on the Internet.

Being the only male in a mostly female craft society here in Philly for more than 20 years has finally taken it's tole. Feeling like a salmon swimming upstream.

Years earlier, I had decided to be more 'open' was I had been ill and bedridden for a couple of years, feeling depressed. But once I began to feel better, both mentaly & physically, I thought, although up to then, I crocheted silently at home alone for years, I could share what I know to people that might appreciate it, like seniors.

I knew it might be a challenge, never formally having taught anyone in 20 years, as well as being a younger male, not only to prove myself to be taken seriously, but also dealing with all the gossip that it would generate among the groups of women.

(You know where I'm going with that,right?) ;-)

Tried to earn my 'wings' by starting off as a volunteer, building up my teaching & crocheting skills,confidence,credentials,and fan base.

For motivation, I thought back to my Mom, who always encouraged me to believe in taking pride in whatever you do, and strive to be the best at it. For being my 'business manager' when I first started to crochet. Not once did she discouraged me, or make me feel ashamed or embarressed for doing a'girlie' craft.

But, as time went by, I began to realized that I might have been 'too intense' for most people, who mainly get together for a more 'social' than 'learning' class.

I pride myself as more a 'teacher' than a 'instructor', 'learning something', more than just 'showing how to'.

Well,just cleared a space in the closet, getting my chair, hooks,yarn,something to drink, setting up the music, and shuting the door....



jd said...

i hate to see you give up teaching. you have a creative spirit and, i think, a need to share. why not compromise? create a specific class that you teach only a couple times a year. pick a place to do so - and charge for your time and your skill. there are several such teachers in the st louis area. christina marie potter is one of them. her prices are reasonable - but she charges. people tend to devalue that which they get for free. theme your classes so that people will be creating something for christmas or another occasion. good luck!
jd in st louis

CrochetDad said...

I just saw this post (I'm as bad at reading other's blogs as I am at updating my own!).

I agree with JD in everything she said. I'm sure your teaching has given you a great amount of pride, don't let the actions of others deprive you of it.

I'm sure there are other male crocheters in Philly - they may need a mentor - you can be their mentor and bring them out of their personal closet.

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

Thanks Gene,

OK, here’s the thing…I’m just a little tired of all the stuff that goes with the crochet classes.

It's just not in me anymore.Feeling like a square beg in a round circle.

But it won’t effect me from crocheting (only a act of God could do that!!),just teaching.

Most male crocheters are not teachers, and/or most prefer to crochet in private. It just something we ‘do’, not ‘share’.
I can see why.
With the introduction of the Internet, more men are feeling comfortable and open to share their love with crochet online.

I’m happy to be able to share my work online, especially to help inspire young men about crocheting.


pattas said...

I am so pleased you DID get out there to share your talent... :))
You may not know the ppl you have inspired , but they are out there..
Actually there is a guy at our local market to sits and crochets while he sells his work..
So open the door let your talent shine :))