Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflections of a Male Crocheter

I use to think I had something to offer in regards to crochet. I started out with the idea of helping improving and expanding the world of crocheters in my area who, in the past, were only doing the same things, year after year.

Ever since I learned to crochet in the 70's, I never wanted to just settle for the status quo....being a 'guy' doing what is normally a 'girls' craft, I tried to be better at the 'details' of crocheting than what I saw the average person was doing.

During the 80's, I really didn't do much crocheting, just a few things here and there, but I always crocheted alone.

By the end of 90's and with the introduction of the Internet, I began to notice a shift of interest in in crafting. Recovering from a bedridden illness, I decided to show my gratitude to 'life' by doing some volunteering (first time for me!). I just didn't want to do just any volunteering, but something more specialzed.

I was suggested to try going to senior centers, because seniors seemed to be the largest group of crocheters (at least here), and that with me being a 'younger male', would bring some new interest in a old craft.

Well, it did....and it was going OK for a few years.

I just think it ran it's course....


Rheitta D. said...

Hi Mr Jones. I'm a beginner crocheter from Malaysia. It's very nice to know that there are men out there who are interested and good in crocheting. You and CrochetDad are my role models. Hope I can crochet as good as you guys.

p/s : I admire your designs. Keep on designing wearable for men. I believe men will wear crocheted wearable made by men themselves. Good luck Mr Jones. :D

TLP said...

I wished we lived in the same area... it would be nice to have someone to crochet with! But I love your designs!!!