Sunday, November 17, 2013

  OK, here's the thing.....

  Last Thursday, after being a hour late to my crochet class (where I used to be the formal 'teacher' there), I was on my way back home by bus (which only takes less than 10 minutes if I'm lucky not having to wait too long for it). I get home, and like most Thursdays, I either watch or record my favorite soaps and get on the computer.

  Well that didn't work out as planned.

   So, I'm on the computer for several hours, an, for reasons unknown to me, I have to get a digital cable box to see my over-the-air channels (can't afford cable), which since living here for over a year so far, I was able to view them for free. I thought the wall cable mount was already in the wall, and I just connected it to my TV, and since I never received a bill (even from the former tenant), the apt bldg. has a built-in digital antenna.

  Well, I was wrong!!

  The previous Wednesday, I go to turn on my TV, and there's no channels!! So I re-scan it, and just 2 channels show up, and they're both  Comcast/Xfinity commercial promo ads, saying that they suddenly, (without any notice......well, I guess I wouldn't get one, since I thought I was getting a clearer version of the regular over-the-air channels), decide to 'encrypt' access to the basic channels, so you'll need a 'digital adapter to view them (but you now have to sign up for a 'basic' service plan with them in order to get the digital adapter.

  So, while working on my computer Thursday after crochet class, I decided to call them about getting service and pick up the adapter. Fill out the form over the phone, then afterwards, the customer service rep says that I can pick up the adapter today at the nearest Comcast Service Center (luckily, it not that far from where I live), and just bring a photo ID. So I gather myself to get ready to walk out the door, then suddenly I realized that I can't find my wallet (with my photo ID inside!!

 Trying not to panic, I search my whole apartment, went outside, retraced my step from the bus top where I got off, ask one of the apt bldg. maintenance guys to be on the lookout for it. OK, I had about $65 in it,(knew that would be the first thing gone,),  and I could live with that, I was more concerned about my ID, and other cards that had my personal info in it. Not to mention not being sable to get that adapter before the weekend if the Center might be closed.

  So I gather the necessary papers and money to go in town to get a new photo ID ( I don't drive, so that's all I need there), plan to get other replacement cards (medical, Social Security, etc..) the next day.

  So, after getting (and paying for) my new ID card quickly, I then go to the Service Center to get the adapter, and they tell me that I have now go across town at another place to get it. I was so tired and pissed, I just cancelled my order.

  Here it is Sunday afternoon, and I'm on the computer, and decide to make myself a cup a tea (got a little thirsty for it after watching a British TV drama on Youtube (A Touch of Frost!).

  So I'm walking back to the computer, and in the corner of my eye, near one of my French doors by the back of my computer, I can't believe my's my wallet!!!

  Somebody must be looking out for me, huh?

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whiteravenfire said...

I did a similar sort of thing a couple of weeks ago losing a prepaid travel card. I resigned myself to having lost the card. Then, as I was walking to the bus stop, the following day I reached into the back pocket of my jeans and there it was!