Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hospitalized Again!!

 Last December, I was hit with a severe case of pneumonia (due to a adenovirus) that cause my weak kidneys to fail, and I had to go on dialysis (permanently) . I knew that I would eventually go on it, but the pneumonia just pushed it forward faster. Some fluid  from the adenovirus had build up in my right knee, and I had to get that removed.

 So, I was in the hospital for about a month (don't remember much about the first 2 weeks, but I hear I was delirious.  All I remember that I was in so much pain, I wanted and pleaded to die...

 Well, I got thru it, but it left me extremely weak, bed ridden, and couldn't walk or go to the bathroom. Couldn't stand the smell and taste of food (lost 30 lbs.!!), and always feeling nauseated, especially in my bowels. (probably due to all the different antibiotics they were giving me!)

 The pneumonia cleared up, and I was sent to a rehabilitation center to have some physical and occupational therapy. I'm also going to a dialysis center, 3 times a week, 4hrs. each time. Oh well it's something I know I have to get used to.

Can't wait until I can get back home.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your website today. I'm new to crochet, but I must say I am enjoying your blog very much.

Please take care and get well soon!I am sending prayers and good vibes for your quick recovery.

D.W. said...

I've followed you off and on from your original blog site and was led here from ravelry which I had picked up again. I'm sorry to hear you have been seriously ill and continue your fight. I wish you a most speedy recovery, but most importantly, you enjoy the life that is here for you and you find some measure of pleasure every day. Thanks for being an inspiration to all crafty men.