Sunday, January 11, 2015



  This year, I decided to be more active, both physically and socially. Despite the fact it's Winter, I'm, going to start walking more (even if it's in the hallway of my apt.). I plan to make sitting here on this computer more productive, by blogging more. That means I have to have something to say, right?

  Well, let me start by saying this while I'm currently in somewhat decent health, I need to take advantage of it.

 I'm finally on the home dialysis machine, and although it takes a lot of my evening and night time, it leaves me free during the day. And I do feel better.

This is the time I do most of my crocheting, and I'd like to first finish some of the projects  started (yeah, everybody says that, right!)

  I have a young Home Health Aide that's now coming 5 days (instead of 3) a week, to do some minor things around the apt. for 2hours in the afternoon. There really isn't that much for her to do. but she keeps me company, while it provides her with a stress free part time job. She's really a sweet girl, a native  of Haiti, who's currently taking online classes for Nursing. When she's not listening to me talking her ear off, she spends a lot of time on her smartphone (well, she's 22 after all, OK!).

  What I'd like to do meeting with other older Black Men Who Crochet here in Philly,. No, I don't mean we all get together in a group (we guys don't do that!). Just knowing a few guys, and maybe talk on the phone, meet at the yarn shops, or chat online, just shoot the breeze, with a crochet twist.

 In my entire crochet career, I've only met 1 older Black Male Crocheter, and he likewise. He was at a Senior Center. We looked forward to seeing each other each week, until he passed away, leaving me with all his knit and crochet accessories. He knew I would put them to good use. ;-)

  I know you guys are out there!!

  I'd like to talk and share my thoughts and ideas with another 'Brother(s). from 'our' perspective.

  Hope to hear from someone soon.


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