Friday, April 03, 2015

What's going on with me lately!

  Hey Guys!!
  Yeah, I haven't posted anything for awhile, so here goes:

I've been working on a new granny square afghan design for a new pattern. Unfortunately, the squares have to be sewn together to create the design. I started a few weeks ago, trying to work on it at least a few hours each day (like I got a lot of other things to do!.

 I'm trying to write out the pattern as a go along. I kind of stumbled in to pattern designing, so I don't have any training with it.

 In years past (especially before the Internet), I never thought of writing out a pattern. But5 sine the Internet, people who see my work requested them, so, I figured, why not, right?

 As far as anything else, I still go to a crochet class at the nearby senior center, once a week. I mainly there to bring the more 'technical' side of crochet. Things like, adjusting patterns, trying new stitches, the different types of yarns, etc.

  I also try to help out with students when the 'official' crochet instructor's busy or she's stuck. (P.S: She also modeled a sweater I made some time ago, (see photo)

I have a hanging mannequin, but it's a woman's size Large, so when I want to make a larger size sweater, I bring one to class. Don't get me wrong, I do bring in things for smaller size ladies too!
Here's a shrug I made earlier this year: (see photo)

Not much else is going on with me, my health seems to be pretty stable for the moment, so other than that, that's about it.
  OK, let me get back to that afghan......see you later! ;-)

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